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At the flick of a switch, the "Run Lock" enables a driver to remove the keys from the ignition of a vehicle and lock it whilst the engine continues to run. This enables power, without battery drain, to be supplied to other ancillaries and allows engines to be left running and the battery charging without the worry of key or vehicle theft.

The vehicle can be driven off after re-inserting the keys, however if the keys are not re-inserted, the engine will cut out upon release of the parking brake aswell as engaging the steering lock.

The Engine Anti-theft Run Lock (or EARL) from enginerunlock.com is a full, comprehensive universally fitting DIY kit ready for installation and contains everything you require. In addition to a pre-wired loom, you will recieve all of the necessary connections, a combined LED toggle switch & safety cover, a cautionary keytag and a set of full colour fitting instructions to assist in the installation of this modification yourself. With only four wires to connect, the EARL could be fitted within 2 hours*.
Remove the keys
Run Lock Kit & Full colour, detailed fitting instructions & wiring diagram
Start the engine
Arm the system
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As used on emergency vehicles.

Other applications:

  • Recovery Vehicles
  • Delivery Vans
  • Service / Utility Vehicles
  • Taxicabs
  • Show Cars
  • Anti Frost Jacking
  • Turbo Cooling
emergency vehicle
Keep the engine running with the key removed and the vehicle locked

  • Power additional equipment without draining the battery
  • Defrost the vehicle in the winter and cool it in the summer without the worry of vehicle theft
  • Easy DIY installation - Four wires and a switch to connect
  • Built in Anti-Theft failsafe
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recovery / service / utility vehicles
delivery vans
taxis / minicbas / minibuses
show cars
Service / Utility Vehicles
Power equipment without the worry of battery drain
Delivery Vehicles
Leave your van locked and running whilst delivering a parcel
Taxi's & Minibuses
Leave your vehicle running whilst you find or assist your customers
Show Vehicles
Show off your lights and stereo's etc or cool your turbo charger
frost jacking
Anti - Frost Jacking
Defrost your car in the winter, or cool it down in the summer without the worry of vehicle theft
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Frost Jacking - The new wave of vehicle theft in the UK
Icy weather provides the perfect climate for car thieves to target unattended cars and motorists have been warned to beware ‘frost-jackers’ when de-icing their car.

Drivers have been warned that if their cars are frost-jacked, this could invalidate their car insurance.

Frost-jacking is when a motorist leaves their car empty with the engine running for the car to heat up, leaving it open for theft.

New research suggests that 42% of drivers leave their car unattended with the engine running when de-icing, with one in ten (11%) blissfully unaware of the fact that their car could be targeted by thieves while de-icing. Leaving a car in this way leaves car thieves or ‘frost-jackers’ with the perfect opportunity to jump in the vehicle and drive off the moment the car owner is out of sight.

In addition, 41% think that keeping their eye on their car from the inside of their home would be enough to prevent an opportunist thief from striking, while 16% of motorists are concerned about their car being stolen while de-icing, but leave it unattended anyway. People think it’s fine to leave cars unattended for just a moment, but a moment is all it takes for the car to be stolen. Opportunist thieves are aware cars will be left unlocked to warm up and they will take your car if given chance.

A discussion on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show recently also revealed that many motorists are using the "spare key" method, whereas they lock the vehicles doors with the spare key whilst the other set is left in the ignition. Again, all a thief needs to do in this situation is break the doorglass to obtain access in seconds.

West Midlands Police are mounting special ‘frost jacking’ patrols after 50 cars were reported stolen while the drivers warmed them up in freezing conditions. In all cases the cars were driven away after the owners had left them unattended with the engines running.

Motorists should also remember that insurance companies may not pay out if vehicles are stolen after being left unattended with the keys in the ignition.

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